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I love Colonist, I'll do anything


An asskicker who can work into supporting the team and the product.

What We Expect


  • Delight to speak and communicate with
  • Learns a lot of skills from scratch and implements them
  • Able to take on some projects from us and lead it


  • Very good Catan player (complete puzzle, +25% win rate)
  • Very active player (100+ games)
  • Very open to learning and is a faster learner
  • Very curious, asks questions and tries to learn more
  • Very good communicator, solves problems, instead of creating
  • Conscientious, is able to own and complete his tasks
  • Has no limits
  • Listens and takes feedback without resistance
  • Detail oriented, responsive, good English, proactive, collaborative, a shark, learns fast

Hiring Process

Here's what the typical process looks like:

  1. "Apply Now" will direct you to a form to let us know you better
  2. Initial video call to see if there is good cultural fit
  3. We will give you a challenge to see your skills and ask for an iteration
  4. Video call with one of the co-founders
  5. Paid part-time project with the team
  6. Offer

What You Will Get

Being part of the Colonist team allows you to:

  • Work on your own time. We work asynchronously and hate meetings
  • Have an impact and say on what to develop and design for the players
  • Fast decision and development cycle
  • Grow with the team and experience a young startup culture with members from all over the world
  • Have infinite Colonist coins!

Have any questions? PM Esqarrouth#9999 on Discord.

[email protected] ta su liame elddir a ekil uoy fI