Colonist Championships

February 22 2020

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Who: Everyone who likes playing Settlers of Catan
Where: and discord
When: 22nd of February -- Start 1 PM - 9 PM (UTC/GMT +0)

Tournament details

Tournament stages: Group Stage (3 different tables), Semi-Finals & Final
Prize pool: $350! More details below
Full schedule below

How to compete

Fill out sign up form
Brackets: will be released on the 22nd of February from discord
Make or join a room on

Match details

Game mode: Settlers of Catan
Private Game: Yes
Hide Bank Card: Yes
Friendly Robber: No
Map: Tournament Map
Players: 4 (unless only 3 available)
Card Discard Limit: 7
Victory Points for Win: 10
Game Speed: Normal
Bot Speed: Normal

I won, now what?

If you won a game, take a screenshot and upload to the Colonist-io Discord-server in: #-tournament-screenshot
It is helpful, if you take a screenshot if you lost as well btw.

Group stage tie-breakers

1) Total Wins
2) Total amount of Victory Points
3) [Sum of your points in all your games] / [Sum of all players points in the games you played] = Your point percentage
4) The order in which the players registered to the tournament

Terms and conditions

- You are not allowed to join with more than one account
- If a player disconnects or leaves the game, he/she can connect within 180 seconds and continue the game;
- The game starts when the map has loaded;
- Being abusive by spamming, harassing, threatening or insulting other players in chat on or on is not a tolerated behaviour and will result in (but is not limited to) the following: warnings, disqualifications, getting banned from future tournaments. If you encounter any breach of these rules while taking part in this tournament, take screenshots and contact the tournament host (on the Colonist-io Discord-server);
- You are responsible for all the actions taken on your account and only you are allowed to play on your account.
- Abusing different glitches, cheats or non intended bugs in-game will disqualify you instantly.
- All actions that are in "bad faith," that is, not in the friendly, polite spirit of this tournament are prohibited. The host reserves the right to judge whether actions are taken in "bad faith" and assign consequences accordingly.


Sign-up starts: now
Sign-up ends: 2:30 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)
Check-in starts: 2 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)
Check-in ends: 2:30 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)
Brackets published: 2:50 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)
Round 1 starts: 2:50 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)
Round 2 brackets published: 4:20 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)
Round 2 starts: 4:20 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)
Round 3 brackets published: 5:40 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)
Round 3 starts: 5:40 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)
Round 3 ends: 7 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)
Semi-Finals start: 7:10 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)
Final starts: 8:15 PM (UTC/GMT +0 -- 22nd of February)

Prize pool

Total: $350,-
Winner: $40 + Founder’s Pack
Finalists: $20 + Colonist’s Pack



Finalists (top 4):

Semi-finalists (top 16):

Participants (completes first 3 rounds):