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If you're running a tournament in your school, reach out to `demiculus` on Discord for sponsorship.



Join our growing community of over 2 million players and learn more about Colonist by joining our Discord.

Advantages of joining our Discord include:

  • Voice chatting with other players.
  • Look for people to play with in #looking-for-game channel.
  • Ask for tips from our Community Pros.
  • Learn about our upcoming releases.
  • Earn Colonist coins by becoming a playtester or participating in bounties.

Suggest a feature

Have an idea that could make Colonist better? Suggest and vote for features on our suggestions page!

Suggest a Feature


Visit our blog for more in-depth information about Colonist and the team behind it!


Community Roles

Colonist is a fast growing family, and we'd love your help! We respond to each application. If you haven't received a response in over a month, please resubmit or contact us.


Help us catch bugs and get rewarded with Colonist Coins!

What we are looking for in Playtesters:

  • Plays a lot of Colonist.
  • Knows what the main existing bugs are.
  • Follows playtester rules and guidelines.
  • Takes initiative and reports as many bugs as possible.
  • Understands all game mechanics (expansions, timers, trades, robbers, etc.).
  • Is clear and concise when reporting bugs or suggesting changes.

Join our Discord to learn more about becoming a playtester.

Youtubers / Streamers

You can earn this role by consistently creating Colonist content on Youtube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms.

Contributors, Interns & Team Members

Visit our Careers page for more info.