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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I report/mute a player in a Colonist game?

If you click on a person's name/avatar, you will have the option to mute or report them.

Ranked System

What are placement games?

Before a player appears on the leaderboards, they need to play a minimum of 10 placement games. These games still count as ranked and their result will be reflected in the leaderboards. Use the Find Game button to play ranked games!

What is MMR?

Matchmaking Rating is a value that determines the skill of each player. Winning increases the player's MMR score, while losing decreases it. Players are matched according to their MMR.

Will there be other types of ranked games?

Yes. Seafarers and Cities & Knights ranked modes are under development.

What other features will be added?

In upcoming updates we will add more divisions, seasonal leagues, brackets, and more.

Store Items

What expansions are currently available?

  • Base Game 5-6 Players
  • Base Game 7-8 Players
  • Cities and Knights
  • Cities and Knights 5-6 Players
  • Seafarers
  • Seafarers 5-6 Players
  • Seafarers + Cities & Knights
  • Seafarers + Cities & Knights 5-6 Players

What expansions will you be releasing next?

Vote for the next one in our suggestions site.

Can I try out a expansion before permanently buying it?

You can join an expansion game in the lobby or ask someone in our Discord Community to host an expansion game for you.

Do my friends need to buy the expansion too to play together?

No, just like owning a board game, only the host needs to own the expansion.

I purchased an expansion, how can I play a 6 player game?

  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Make sure your account has the expansion credited img
  3. Create a room img
  4. From game mode select the expansion you want to play img
  5. From map select 5-6 player or any map of your choosing img
  6. Player count will be set automatically img

I want to purchase an expansion not yet released

You will be able to purchase them from the Colonist Store, as soon as they are available. Until then, you can hold onto the Colonist Coins or use them for other items like maps, colors, avatars, etc.

What sort of skins will be added?

Some planned but not decided skins are: Profile Picture, Game Piece Skin (Road, Settlement, City), Game Skin (map, cards)

My purchase is gone, what should I do?

You probably logged in with a different email. Check that you have logged in with the correct email.

What happened to my Settler/Colonist/Founder pack?

The presale packs have all been converted into in game currency that provide you with the same benefits as the pack:

  1. Settlers: 1 Expansion (2800 Cc) + 2 Maps (1000 Cc) = 3800 Cc
  2. Colonist: 5 Expansion (14000 Cc) + 5 Maps (2500 Cc) = 16500 Cc
  3. Founder: All Expansion + All Maps = 0 Cc

Founder Packs won't receive Colonist coins, instead they can purchase all Expansions and Maps for 0 Cc.

Can I gift my friends coins or items?

Not at the moment. Please vote here if you would like us to prioritize working on this feature.

Are there other ways to get coins?

Yes, we have bounties & playtesters, where completing certain tasks and finding bugs are rewared with colonist coins. Join our Discord Community to participate.

In addition, playing in tournaments can also earn you some coins. Check for available tournaments.

Technical Issues

The animations are slow and there is lag

For chrome, enable hardware acceleration.

For firefox, go to about:config and flip gfx.webrender.all to true. Then restart the browser. Source

Extra Links: Get WebGL, How to Enable WebGL

Chat blocks trades in mobile - image.


  1. For Chrome, go to “Settings” > Click “Accessibility” > turn off “Force enable zoom”.
  2. Go to your browser “Settings” > turn on “Desktop site”.
  3. Click on the typing area of the chat box, wait for your phone's keyboard to appear, and close it right after.

Every time I click "Sign in with Google", it tells me that there's an internal server error. What should I do?

Clear cache files via Chrome -> Menu -> More Tools -> Clear browsing data.

My timer does not work in game. It works in a Bot game but not with friends or in normal online games. What to do?

Windows clock is out of sync. Resync your time to the Microsoft server for your timer to work.

Game Assets Not Loading and Socket Not Connecting and Blue Screen

Usually in old Macbooks and especially at macOS Catalina 10.15.7 there are some bugs with browsers. The bugs are bigger on Safari than other browsers. This OS bug also affects WebGL/Socket/SSL Certificates. This issue has been fixed in the newer versions of macOS, so just update your macOS via Apple Logo menu > System Preferences > Software Update > Upgrade Now button. Source: Mac Research


We get 100s of emails per day. In order to keep up, any email we see that is trying to sell a product or service is immediately marked as spam. Email at your own risk.

I would like to make a suggestion

Check out our suggestions site

How do I report a bug?

You can report bugs here.

I would like to contribute as a developer, designer, or in a different way

You can check jobs page to apply to contribute.

I have a business proposition. How can I reach out?

Email us at [email protected].

Can't find the answer to a question

You can reach out to us on social media, Discord, or mail us at [email protected].

I’m worried about from a copyright standpoint. What assurances do I have about this?

Game mechanics can not be copyrighted. We own all of our assets & codebase. Colonist has no copyright issues.