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What is Colonist?

Colonist.io is a challenging social and strategy web-based board game that positions itself as an alternative to the highly popular Settlers of Catan board game. You take on the role of a Colonist, build a civilization and expand your territory. Extremely simple rules with tremendously deep gameplay. Combine strategy, planning, and cunning negotiations to win.

The Team

Goktug Yilmaz


Co-founder, Backend, Marketing

LoL pro player in 2013. Top 1% in more than 10 games but still bad at Colonist. Top 1% on stackoverflow.

Favourite Games: Ultima Online, Age of Empires 2, Factorio

Demi Yilmaz


Co-founder, Frontend, Product

Mental model enthusiast, top 16 in Catan World Champ 2021.

Favourite Games: Star Kingdoms, Ultima Online, Don't Starve

Jeff d'Eon


Game Dev, Backend

Love playing archery tag. Yes, it's as fun as it seems.

Favourite Games: Runescape, The Last of Us, Clash of Clans



Quality Assurance, Product

Perfection is lots of little things done well.

Favourite Games: Super Mario World, Grand Theft Auto 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, Worms World Party

Sam Gawaran


UI/UX Designer

Top 2% at Tetr.io, Craft Beer enthusiast, love games that overwhelm me with choices.

Favourite Games: All Paradox Games, Tetris, Legend of Heroes: Trails series

Omar Hurani


Full stack

Coffee hobbyist, in love with Flutter.

Favourite Games: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Apex Legends, The Witcher 3


Alex Coleman Cole


Frontend Dev Contributor

Constantly curious which makes me easily distracted. Taking my coding pastime to a new level with Colonist.

Mayla Granados


Support & Social Media

Loves discovering new things. K-Drama fan.

Ding Wang


Frontend Dev Contributor

Enjoy my work being seen by thousands of players.


Cem Demir


Tech Advisor - Founder of Venge.io & OnRush

Built and sold web games with millions of players. Loves to talk about game design related subjects.

Kan Yilmaz


Process Advisor - Founder of Haystack YC W21

First code contributor. Developer productivity expert. Clients include Facebook, Microsoft, Stripe, Spotify.



Product Advisor

High up in Colonist leaderboards. I need Colonist mobile in my life.

How We Work

We are a modern day gaming guild whose objective is to "Make multiplayer games players want to play". Growing up we were part of online Clans, Guilds, Alliances in various MMOs & online games. We are now a part of an online Guild called Colonist

  • We are fully remote
  • We are output-driven and work asynchronously
  • We are a hybrid between a startup and a game company
  • We keep meetings at a minimum and;
  • We have fun and make our game while playing it!