What is Colonist? The Colonist Guild Contributors & Advisors Details


What is Colonist?

Colonist.io is an online web game with millions of users. It is a free alternative to the social and strategy board game Settlers of Catan. Use strategy, planning and cunning negotiation to win

For more info read our 2023 Yearly Summary and watch Colonist Con 2023.

The Colonist Guild

We are a modern day gaming guild whose objective is to "Make multiplayer games players want to play". Growing up we were part of Clans, Guilds, and Alliances in various MMOs & online games.

Colonist Guild members ensure that the Colonist brand, website, and game are running smoothly, whilst continuously using our skills to improve the game. Find us on LinkedIn.


Goktug, Colonist Founder

Goktug Yilmaz Canadian Flag


Co-founder, Backend, Marketing

LoL pro player in 2013. Top 1% in more than 10 games but still bad at Colonist. Top 1% on stackoverflow.

Favourite Games: Ultima Online, Age of Empires 2, Factorio

Demiculus, Colonist Founder

Demi Yilmaz Flag of Singapore


Co-founder, Frontend, Product

Mental model enthusiast, top 16 in Catan World Champ 2021.

Favourite Games: Star Kingdoms, Ultima Online, Don't Starve

Meme of Jeff, Colonist Team Member, thinking about Runescape

Jeff d'Eon American Flag


Game Dev, Backend

Love playing archery tag. Yes, it's as fun as it seems.

Favourite Games: Runescape, The Last of Us, Clash of Clans

Custom Colonist icon with sombrero, mustache, and sunglasses

Anon Ymous European Flag


Quality Assurance, Product

Perfection is lots of little things done well.

Favourite Games: Super Mario World, Grand Theft Auto 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, Worms World Party

Mayla Granados


HR, Operations, Social Media Support

Just like the beach and gems, new learnings and challenges excite me.

Favourite Games: Super Mario, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, COD

Mau, Software Developer

Mauricio Munoz  Flag


Software Developer

I love fast food. Should I be concerned about my health?

Favourite Games: Destiny, Zelda BotW



Software Developer

Trying to build software which people enjoy!

Favourite Games: Chess, Asphalt, FIFA

Rob, Software Engineer

Rob Schwartz American Flag


Frontend, Backend, Product

Each day better than the last. Doesn't lose word games.

Favourite Games: Civ VI, Texas Hold'em, Rocket League

Oguz, Software Developer

Oguz Ilerle  Flag


Software Developer

Its not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.

Favourite Games: Smite, Rainbow Six: Siege, Detroit: Become Human

Andrew Rodionov


Quality Assurance

I enjoy communicating with people and finding common ground. Passionate about Chinese tea, sports, and cooking.

Favourite Games: GTA 5, Chess, CS:GO

Kyle Winn Flag of Great Britain


Software Developer

I like to build cool things, and have fun building them. And I love my dog :)

Favourite Games: Ark Survival Evolved, Minecraft

Stan Flint Flag of Great Britain


Software Developer

I use the web for what is was made for: video games

Favourite Games: Factorio, R.U.S.E, Minecraft

Contributors & Advisors

Sebastian Wich German Flag


Sound Design & Music Production

Turning ordinary situations into emotional and memorable moments.

Cem Demir Flag of the Netherlands


Tech Advisor - Founder of OnRush

Built and sold web games with millions of players. Loves to talk about game design related subjects.

Kan Yilmaz


Process Advisor - Co-founder of Haystack YC W21

First code contributor. Developer productivity expert. Clients include Facebook, Microsoft, Stripe, Spotify.

Anonymous Earth Globe


Product Advisor

High up in Colonist leaderboards. I need Colonist mobile in my life.

Paul Lorenzen


Recruiter, Operations, Research

Enjoys cycling, techno, and connecting with people.

Akito Oyama Flag of Great Britain


Quality Assurance

I love being competitive! 4 time national Chess champion. Ultimate Frisbee athlete on the weekends.