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What is Colonist?

Colonist.io is a brilliant and challenging web-based board game that positions itself as an alternative to the highly popular Settlers of Catan board game. You take on the role of a colonist and you must build a civilization and expand your territory. Building settlements increases your production and victory points, but it makes you a target for other players. Extremely simple rules with tremendously deep gameplay. Combine strategy, planning, and cunning negotiations to win. Base game is 4 players. The first player to reach 10 points wins. Can be played solo versus bots, with friends or with online players all over the world.

The Team

Goktug Yilmaz


Lead Backend, Marketing, Ops. Co-founder.

Was a pro LoL player in 2013. Achieved top 1% rating in more than 10 games, but still bad at Colonist.

Favourite Games: Ultima Online, Age of Empires 2, Factorio

Demi Yilmaz


Lead Frontend, Product. Co-founder.

Mental model enthusiast, top 16 in Catan World Champ '21.

Favourite Games: Star Kingdoms, Ultima Online, Don't Starve

Jeff d'Eon


Game Dev, Backend.

Love playing archery tag. Yes, it's as fun as it seems.

Favourite Games: Runescape, The Last of Us, Clash of Clans

Sam Gawaran


UI/UX Designer.

Top 2% at Tetr.io, Craft Beer enthusiast, love games that overwhelms me with choices.

Favourite Games: All Paradox Games, Tetris, Legend of Heroes: Trails series


Cem Demir


Founder of Venge.io

Built and sold web games that reached millions of players.

Kan Yilmaz


Founder of Haystack YC W21

Developer productivity expert. Clients include Facebook, Microsoft, Stripe, Spotify.

How We Work

We are a modern day gaming guild whose objective is to build games. We were part of online Clans, Guilds, Alliances in various MMOs & online games. We are doing nothing different. We are now a part of an online Guild called Colonist and each member of the guild has their own responsibilities.

  • We are fully remote
  • We are output-driven and work asynchronously
  • We are a hybrid between a startup and a game company
  • We like to keep meetings at a minimum and;
  • We like to have fun and develop our game while playing it!

Someone should work here if they don’t want a real job and want to continue being a part of an online Guild levelling up and slaying enemies.