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Guild Info

Our guild members ensure that the Colonist brand, website, and game are running smoothly, whilst continuously using our skills to improve the game. We are perfectionists who try to do the highest quality work we can. Find us on LinkedIn.

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Easily the best part of working for Colonist is the gratification we get from making a game that people truly love. There’s no better feeling than launching a new feature that’s quickly adopted by our players! And to sweeten the deal, it doesn’t take months to do it. As we’ve continued to grow we’ve maintained bi-weekly update schedules, which means our work is seen by hundreds of thousands of players in a matter of days!


I love being part of a team of gamers that know how to treat the job as equal parts work and play. It's great to work on the leading online platform for such a classic game that thousands of people play. Exciting things are happening at Colonist and the future of online Catan is bright!


Amazing work environment with like-minded people, everyone is focused on their tasks and responsibilities with a common objective: make Colonist the biggest game ever. Manage your own times and have a say in the release of new features from UI design to gameplay mechanics.


Colonist operates like a startup should be and I'm lucky that Colonist is my first full-time job. I was surprised by beautiful TypeScript, good code quality, efficient dev-ops, fast Github workflow, and smart team members. We send screen recordings and work remotely instead of having long meetings. We conduct AB tests and analyze the results. We have continuous integration pipelines and testing servers.


You get new challenges and learn new things continuously. You get to solve interesting problems and contribute to a product that is being used by millions. On top of that, if you love Catan you are contributing to your favourite game. But most importantly the dev team & management is brilliant. They know what they are doing. This is a place where proper development methods are followed. This will vastly enrich your knowledge very quickly. Loving the fact that I am contributing to my favourite board game.


Working with a small team really makes a difference in having your output applied on the whole product. Very enjoyable because we can act informally with each other and can just be ourselves. Plus I don't need to commute for work.


Was super impressed with all our measures, these were the best pull request reviews I ever had. I’ve always learned something new in every single line of code I wrote.

Common Questions

Where do you see Colonist in 5 years?

We'll be the number 1 strategy game on the internet and will have grown our playerbase 20x.

What is your roadmap?

We have started working on mobile version. We're also improving UX, trades, localization and much more! You can see and add to our pipeline here: Suggestions

What are the rates like?

Our rates are similar to other game companies. We also provide stock options, so you'll own a portion of Colonist.

I am worried about from a copyright standpoint?

Game mechanics can not be copyrighted. We own all of our assets & codebase. Colonist has no copyright issues.

What is your tech stack?

HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Pixi.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL, and more.

Are your positions remote?

Yes, we're fully remote and everyone is in different continents.

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