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Requirements <> Love of Colonist

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Product/Game Designer

Full-time <> User oriented, can create impactful designs

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Full-time <> Typescript

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How We Work

Working at Colonist gives you unbeatable flexiblity. Work from anywhere in the world and choose your own hours!

  • We are fully remote and spread across multiple continents
  • We are output-driven and work asynchronously
  • We are a hybrid between a startup and a game company
  • We don't have pointless meetings
  • We have fun and play our game while making it!
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Easily the best part of working at Colonist is the gratification we get from making a game that people truly love. There’s no better feeling than launching a new feature that’s quickly adopted by our players! And to sweeten the deal, our work is seen by hundreds of thousands of players in a matter of days!


Amazing work environment with like-minded people, everyone is focused on their tasks and responsibilities with a common objective: make Colonist the biggest game ever. Manage your own times and have a say in the release of new features from UI design to gameplay mechanics.


The freedom to use my own expertise to identify and work on problems. I always enjoyed the team meetings + games! I think the company trusts its employees, it gives them the opportunity to learn and expand their skill set, which makes it easy to recommend to others. I believe Colonist has a solid vision and huge growth potential. Moreover, the product is fascinating to work on since it touches almost all elements of software development, and I thrive on the technical challenges this presents.

Common Questions

Where do you see Colonist in 5 years?

We'll be the number 1 strategy game on the internet and will have grown our playerbase 20x.

What is your roadmap?

We just launched on Discord and released a new mobile version. We're also improving UX, trades, localization and much more! You can see and add to our pipeline here: Suggestions

What are the rates like?

Our rates are similar to other game companies. We also provide stock options, so you'll own a portion of Colonist.

Should I be worried about from a copyright standpoint?

Game mechanics cannot be copyrighted. We own all of our assets & codebase. Colonist has no copyright issues.

What is your tech stack?

HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Pixi.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL, and more.

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