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Work With Us

We are a modern day gaming guild whose objective is to build games. We were part of online Clans, Guilds, Alliances in various MMOs & online games. We are doing nothing different. We are now a part of an online Guild called Colonist and each member of the guild has their own responsibilities.

Contributor/Intern Roles

Contributors/Interns are usually people who want to help out or gain skills. They can be industry veterans who want to help out in various ways using their expertise or they can be a 16 year old wanting to learn more about game development or anything in between. Most of our full-time members started off as contributors.

What we are looking for in contributors:

  • Plays a lot of Colonist
  • Dedicate more than 10 hours weekly
  • Willing to figure out how everything works without handholding

Developer Contributors

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Design Contributors

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Community Contributor

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Team Roles

Team members are full time paid members. They oversee all areas of Colonist and make sure the ship is sailing smoothly.

What we are looking for in team members:

  • Everything in contributor section plus
  • Dedicate around 40 hours weekly
  • Obsessed with improving the game
  • Will stick around for many years
  • Dreams about Colonist: Dice, VP, robbers, and sheep

How we work:

  • We are fully remote and in different continents
  • We work asynchronously
  • We are a hybrid between a startup and a game company
  • We use many technologies including node.js, express.js, pixi.js, and typescript
  • We usually work on the highest things voted on our suggestions page

Roles we are looking for:

  • Frontend Developer - HTML, EJS, SCSS, Typescript
  • Backend Developer - Node.js, SQL, Typescript
  • Dev Ops - Node.js, SQL, Docker, Servers, Linux, Github
  • Designer - Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Artist - Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Product - Figma, Metabase, Analytics
  • Community - Writing, Communication
  • Marketing - Metabase, Analytics, Copy Writing, SEO

Developer Roles

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Designer Roles

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Other Roles

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If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected] via email or Esqarrouth#9999 on Discord.