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1 - 4 player game

PvP 15 - 45 minutes

Bots ~15 minutes

Colonist Game Rules

Produce Resources

Building settlements & cities produce resources. Resources are produced when any player does a dice roll. Whomever has a settlement or a city in the border of the dice number will receive the resource shown in the tile. Settlements produce 1 resource, cities produce 2 resources.

Rolling 7 & Robber

When a player rolls a 7, they get to place the robber on any tile they wish and steal 1 random card from any of the colors adjacent to that tile. Robber prevents gaining resource from the tile it is on.

Use resources

Resources could be used in 5 ways;

Build Road: Lumber & Brick

Build Settlement: Lumber, Brick, Wool, Grain

Build City: Grainx2, Orex3

Buy Development Card: Wool, Grain, Ore

Trade with other players

Development Cards

Knight: Place robber in any tile and steal 1 card from an adjacent tile.

Year of Plenty: Take 2 cards you want from bank.

Road Building: Build 2 roads.

Monopoly: Steal all instances of a single type of card from every player.

Victory Point: Gain 1 victory point.


Bank: On default you can give 4 of the same type of card to obtain 1 of any other type.

Bank with Ports: If you have a settlement or city near a port you automatically use that ports specialty. If you have 3:1 it means that you can trade 3 of the same type of card to obtain 1 of any other type. If you have 2:1, then you can trade 2 of the corresponding type to obtain 1 of any other card.

Longest Road

The player with the longest consecutive road earns 2 victory points. A minimum of 5 consecutive roads need to be placed in order to get this bonus.

Largest Army

The player to use the most amount of Knight cards earns 2 victory points. A minimum of 3 Knight cards needs to be used in order to get this bonus.


- Settlement: 1 point

- City: 2 points

- Longest Road: 2 points

- Largest Army: 2 points

- Victory Points Development Cards: 1 point

Win the game at 10 Points.


The web game Colonist.io has no association with the board gameĀ Settlers of Catan.