Colonist Lobby


1. New Game Pieces

Ships allow you to travel across sea tiles to discover new islands
Pirate Ship blocks player ships from being placed or moved, and also steals a resource
Sea hexes are what you build ships on
Gold tiles give you any resource of your choice when that number rolls

2. Ships

Build ships to discover new islands & resources to build settlements on.

Ship= Wood + Sheep

Open routes - Once per turn, you may move a ship that is not connecting settlements.
Closed routes - Ships that are connecting settlements cannot be moved.

Seafarers ships and trade routes
Ships must start from & connect to a settlement. It cannot start from a road.

3. Longest Trade Route

Longest Trade Route replaces Longest Road for 2 Victory Points.
Build a minimum of 5 roads, ships, or a combination of both to get the Longest Trade Route.
Seafarers longest trade route

4. Robber and Pirate Ship

orWhenever a 7 rolls, the player can choose to move either the robber or the Pirate Ship.
Seafarers robber and pirate ship

Pirate Ship do the following:

  • Can only be placed on a sea tile
  • Allow player to steal from opponents with ships on that tile
  • Block players from building new ships on that tile
  • Block players from moving ships to and from that tile

5. Discovering New Islands

Get an additional 2 Victory Points for the first settlement you build on a new island in the following Scenarios: New Shores, Four Islands, Though The Desert (building across the desert will also grant 2 additional VPs).

Seafarers discovering new islands

Some maps might have a Fog tile which will uncover a random resource or sea tile. You will get a free resource every time you reveal a fog tile.

Seafarers fog tiles

6. Gold Tiles

Gold tiles give you any resource of your choice when that number rolls.

7. Points to Win

The first person to get to 13 victory points (VPs) is the winner (this might change depending on the Scenario).
Get points by doing the following:

+1 pointBuild a settlement
+2 pointsUpgrade a settlement to a city
+2 pointsHave the Longest Trade Route (5 roads/ships minimum)
+2 pointsGet the Largest Army. Playing a minimum of 3 Knight development cards is required to get the achievement
+2 pointsBuild a settlement on an island
+1 pointBuy development cards for a chance to get a Victory Point Card

8. FAQ

● Can I build roads, settlements, and cities next to the pirate ship?

Yes, the pirate only blocks ships from being placed or moved.