Colonist Lobby

5-6 / 7-8 Players

1. Special build phase

Click the red flag button to access a Special Build Phase after each of the other players' regular turn.

You can ✅

Build roads, settlements, cities, or buy a development card

You cannot ❌

1. Make any trades
2. Use a development card
3. Win during the special build phase. You must wait until it becomes your turn again

2. Additional resources

5-6 Players

Total number of tiles30 (extended map)
Total number of each resource card24
Total number of development cards34

7-8 Players

Total number of tiles37 (extended map)
Total number of each resource card29
Total number of development cards43

3. Cities & Knights 5-6 Player

Refer to Cities & Knights rules for gameplay during the build phase, there are also actions that can be taken on Knights.

You can ✅

Buy Knights
Activate Knights
Upgrade Knights

You cannot ❌

Displace an opponent's knight
Use the robber