Uncommon Bugs

Fixing Lag

Problem: The animations are slow.

Solution: Use chrome and enable hardware acceleration.

Extra Links: Get WebGL, How to Enable WebGL

Google Login

Problem: I'm trying to make a colonist.io account, but every time I click "google login", it tells me that there's an internal server error. What should I do? image

Solution: Clearing cache

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By: Minerva

Timer Not Working

Problem: My timer does not work in game. It works in a Bot game but not with friends or in normal online games. I have tried to turn off ad-block, clearing cache, and 3 total different browsers. Anyone have any additional suggestions? follow the link for my timer issue that i posted yesterday. Let me know if you need any more. thanks for all the help! video

Solution: Problem was actually with windows clock being out of sync. I resynced my time to the microsoft server and boom timer started to work.

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By: WurthAlot

Firefox is slow

Solution: Try going to about:config and flipping gfx.webrender.all to true? Restart the browser.