Colonist Lobby

Base Game

1. How to win

The first player that gets to 10 Victory Points (VPs) is the winner. Get points by doing the following:

+1 pointBuild a settlement
+1 pointUpgrade a settlement to a city
+1 pointBuy development cards for a chance to get a Victory Point Card
+2 pointsGet the Longest Road. A minimum of 5 consecutive roads is required to get the achievement
+2 pointsGet the Largest Army. Playing a minimum of 3 Knight development cards is required to get the achievement
Other players can steal Longest Road or Largest Army if they have more roads or played knights!

2. Initial placements

Placement: Players will take turns to place two settlements and two roads coming from each settlement.

Collecting resources: You will get a resource from each of the tiles surrounding your 2nd settlement

Placing settlments and roads at the start of the game
All settlements must be at least two roads apart

3. Dice rolls

After the initial placements, every player takes turns to roll the dice at the start of their turn. Each dice roll determines what resources are distributed: every time the dice rolls, the resources with that number in the board will be distributed amongst the players with settlements or cities around those tiles.

Adding dice together to get resource allocation

Each dice roll has a different probability of rolling, represented with dots below the numbers. 7 is the number most likely to roll, followed by 6 and 8.

Which combinations of dice rolls are most common

4. Collecting resources

Settlements produce 1 resource

Cities produce 2 resources

Collecting resource cards example video
There are 19 of each resource card

5. Robber & discards

Whenever a 7 is rolled the following happens:
Discarding cards above the discard limit video

Discard to the bank

All players with 8 or more cards must discard half of them to the bank.

Stealing resources from other players with the robber

Block and steal cards with the robber

The player who rolled a 7 shall move the robber to block a resource from future rolls. They also steal one resource from a player on that tile.

6. Building & buying costs

Road=Wood + Brick
Settlement=Wood + Brick + Sheep + Wheat
Upgrade to a city=2 Wheat + 3 Ore
Development Card=Sheep + Wheat + Ore
Each player can build a maximum of 15 roads, 5 settlements and 4 cities.

7. Development cards

Development cards have special abilities. There are 25 total in the deck and they can be played before the dice is rolled.

14 Knight cardsMove the robber to another tile and steal one random card from a player on that tile
2 Road building cardsPlace 2 roads for free
2 Year of plenty cardsSelect 2 resources of your choice from the bank
2 Monopoly cardsSteal all resources of one type from all other players
5 Victory point cardsPlayer secretly gets awarded 1 Victory Point. Victory Point cards are revealed once you reach 10 points.
You can only play 1 development card per turn. You may not play a development card on the same turn that you bought it.

8. Trading

You can trade with other players, or with the bank.

You can trade with the bank. Trade 4 cards of the same type in return for 1 resource of your choosing.
Build a settlement on a 3:1 port to trade any 3 resources of the same type for 1 resource of your choosing.
Build a settlement on a 2:1 port to trade 2 resources of the port type for any 1 resource of your choosing.
You can trade any number or combination of resources with other players for any combination or number of resources in return (but you can't trade the same type of resource).
Trade resources with the bank or other players

9. FAQ

● Do I keep Longest Road or Largest Army after someone builds the same amount of roads, or plays the same amount of knights?

Yes, you only lose Longest Road or Largest Army when someone has more roads or knights than you. So you keep the bonus if someone has the same amount.